How do I set up an order? 

Call in and ask for a sales representative.  (817) 799-5020 or fill out the contact form and we will call you.



Can the products include our logo? 

Absolutely! Make sure we get the correct logo. Use this guide to help.


How long does it take to get my catalogs?

The time period from the initial setup, to shipping your catalogs can usually be accomplished in as little as 1 week. All catalogs are shipped by FedEx and depending on your location, can be delivered in a few days.



How do I get a digital copy? 

If you didn't receive your digital copy, use the chat box at the bottom of the page. We will need your FC# (located on the catalog).


Can we share our sale online? 

Of course, it will help boost your sale.  Click here for details.


Can I change my sale end date or extend my sale?

Yes, whatever works best for your program.  Note, this will extend the time until you receive your produced items.


Where can I get additional order forms?

You can print one off here.



How do we submit our order? 

Go to and log in with your FC# and pin that was given to you by text & email.  Visit for more instructions.


How do we submit personalization orders? 

Personalization will be entered during the new submission process.


Can I still make changes or additions to an order that I've already submitted? 

With our new online entry program we will be able to speed up your entire process and expedite your order even quicker, thus restricting additions to your order. If there are any urgent issues with your orders please call customer service immediately. (866) 897-3349.


When can we expect our merchandise to arrive?

You will receive your order within 10 business days plus shipping from date your order was submitted.


How do I pay? 

We accept credit card, check, or money order.

For orders shipped to a residence or business, you will need to submit your payment upfront.

For orders shipped to a school, you may submit payment when you receive your invoice to the following address:


HOW DO we remit cash payments from parents?

They can write a personal check, have the school or organization cut a check or obtain a money order for the cash to mail to Fan Cloth.

Fan Cloth

4201 Cambridge Rd.

Fort Worth, TX 76155