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Asked Questions.

Everything you need to know about Fan Cloth fundraisers. Don't see a question you have addressed?
Let us know through our online chat feature at the bottom of the page.


Before Sale

How Long does it take to get my catalogs?

The time from initial setup, to shipping your catalogs depends on the needs by date designated during your fundraiser setup. Earliest turn-time to receive catalogs is about a week.

How do I get a digital copy of my catalog?

If you didn't receive your digital copy, use the chat box at the bottom of the page. We will need your FC# (located on the catalog).

What's the online store for if I have a catalog?

Your included online store is not designed to replace your catalog sales, but a supplemental tool to reach those local or long distance customers your traditional sale may not have come in contact with during the sale.

Where do I find a link to my online store?

Your sales kick off representative will present you with a link during your kick off call. You will also receive an email from Fan Cloth with your online store link. Your store URL includes your Zip Code and Fan Cloth Number as seen below:<zip code>/<FC number>

During Sale

Can I change my sale end date or extend my sale?

Absolutely, whatever works best for your program! Please note that extending your sale will extend the time until you receive your produced items.

Where can I get additional order forms?

Additional order forms can be found on our Downloads page.

After Sale

How do I submit orders?

Please visit and log in with the information we provided to you via email. The fundraiser organizer is the only person with access to log in to

Can I make changes/additions to an order after it's submitted?

Our online order submission expedites order process, thus restricting additions & changes to your order. If you have any questions before you hit 'submit' please call customer service at (866) 897-3349 immediately.

When can we expect our merchandise to arrive?

You will receive your gear 2 weeks plus shipping after your entire
order goes to production. All orders can be presorted for easy distribution.