A great way to promote your sale is to share it via social networks.  Upload a snapshot or the digital copy* to Facebook , Instagram, or Twitter along with a quick description about the sale.

The description should include: 

Who is running the sale - Football team, baseball team, ROTC, Cheer, etc.

Purpose of the sale - New equipment, uniforms, trips, etc.

Sale end date - Sale ends December 3rd or sale ends in 2 weeks.

Who to find for ordering - Someone from the organization or sales administrator (coach).




Community Christian School posted theirs as an update, as well as using it for their cover photo.                            

Here, this school used Instagram to upload the catalog cover and added a little info to create buzz for the sale.

*use the chat  at the bottom of the page to request the digital copy if you did not receive one.  Digital copy is for promoting sale only, not for a digital or online order process, you will still need to find a sale participant to order.  WE NEED FC#, LOCATED ON TOP LEFT OF CATALOG.  5 DIGIT NUMBER