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What you'll need:

  • All order forms (make sure each form contains the student's name and total items sold)
  • Your 5 digit FC pin #
  • A ruler or straight edge, highlighter, pen, or pencil

What is my pin #?

  • Your pin # is a 5 digit code that will be sent to you via email approximately 1 week before your sale is scheduled to end and again via text a day or two before your scheduled sale end date.

Logging In:

Go to:

  • Type in your 6 digit FC # (located on catalog) and pin #
  • Once logged in, you will be taken to the Fan Cloth Order Status Page (shown below):
Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.27.28 PM.png
  • Confirm that the FC# and school name are correct and click the "Enter Order" box to get started

Fan Cloth Online Order Form - Main Page

  • You are now at the main page, where you will enter the information for your order
  • First: Confirm that the artwork shown matches the catalog used to run your program
  • Second: Check to make sure that all contact and shipping information is correct


Entering the order forms:

  • Grab your first student order form and select the "Add Form" box
  • A blank form will appear (shown below)
  • Make sure to enter the student's name at the top of the order form
  • Next, select "Add New Line" and a blank line will appear
  • Using your ruler, or straight edge, find the first item ordered on the student form
  • Select the item # ordered from the 1st dropdown box, followed by the size and then any personalization (if ordered)
  • Please Note: The personalization fields will only be unlocked for items that allow personalization.


  • Below is how the example order above will look on the online form
  • Once you've completed the entry for the first item, select "Add New Line"
  • Next, slide your ruler or straight edge down to the next line on the student form and repeat the process
  • Once all items on the student for have been entered, click "Save"
  • Note: If the student sold 15 or more items, you will need to select the item # and size for their free item at the top of the form, in the Free Student items section.
  • Once a student form has been saved, it will appear on the Main Page (shown below)
  • As each student form is added, the top bar will automatically update with the following information:

          You Raised: This figure will let you know exactly how much money you have raised for your program

          Total Forms: This number indicates the total number of student forms you have entered

          Items Sold: This number is the sum of the items sold by all students

  • Note: Once you save a student's order, it will remain saved to your online form until your final order has been submitted. In addition, you will have the ability to edit all student forms up until the moment you submit your final order (with the exception of any prepaid orders entered)

Coaches Free Items:

  • The Coaches Free Items are unlocked based on the total number of items sold.

Please Note: Only items eligible as coach free items will be listed in the drop down box


  • Once ALL information on the online form has been completed, please take a moment to go over a few final checkpoints to make sure that everything on your order matches up


  • Now that you've confirmed that student forms, items, and totals are correct and are absolutely, positively sure that you are ready to submit your final order, go ahead and select "Submit Order"


Once you've submitted your order, a confirmation email will be sent to you and will include information about some of our new features, including:

  • An easy to read breakdown of your entire order!
  • Access to print out student forms, exactly as they were entered online!
  • Fan Cloth Order Tracker - Monitor the status of your order!