Fall 2018 Fundraiser
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Sign up today to run your Fall 2018 Fan Cloth Fundraiser. Qualify for free giveaways when you turn in an order.
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Free shoes for you & your staff.

Register now to run a Fall 2018 fundraiser and get a free pair of name brand shoes for you and two of your assistants. 

Coaches must run a Fan Cloth fundraiser and submit an order to qualify. Shoe brands and styles may vary. 


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Fill out the form below to complete early registration for your Fall 2018 Fundraiser. This offer is valid for Fall 2018 Fundraiser setups only. 

This offer expires 06/04/18




When will the raffle drawing take place?

The raffle drawing will take place on May 31st.
Winners will be informed by phone or email.

When will I receive my free tumblers?

Your tumblers will be shipped with your catalogs.

When will I get my catalogs?

We will ship your sales materials to arrive a few days before the date you chose as your sale start on the signup form.

What if I need to change my sale date before I get my catalogs?

You can reach us using the contact information below for any changes needed.


Have additional questions about Early Registration? 

Call us 866.897.3349 or email service@fancloth.com