Time to Kick Food Fundraising to the Curb

Face it, we’ve all been there. Speedily walking by to awkwardly avoid eye-contact with some young kid trying to sell people some overpriced chocolate that you don’t even want. All the while their parents sit at the table scrolling their phone and giving mean glances to people who don’t buy from their kid. Or you're sitting down to dinner out with some friends and some kid approaches you to see if you'd buy some of their banana bread to support their dance team. You say you don't have any cash, but really, you just don't care about what they're trying to sell you.

Sound familiar? Maybe you've even been that child selling food to strangers and facing countless rejections to support your team.

Let’s face it, food fundraising is beyond outdated. Not only does it put undue pressure on students to sell something people don’t want to complete strangers, it also frankly just doesn’t work.

Did you know?  

According to current USDA guidelines, students aren’t allowed to sell chocolate anywhere on a school campus.

You’ll see plenty of companies using the same model to sell the most random and undesirable things imaginable (think mattresses). When it comes down to how well a fundraiser is going to work, the products being sold are crucial. 

We've figured out a way to fix the school fundraising industry. If you want to find out how we did it, click the button below:









Benjamin Johnston