Too Many Hats: The State of High School Coaches

Although coaches may wear a large amount of actual hats, we mean “hats” in a figurative sense. Today’s high school coach can often be described in 3 words: Underpaid, Overworked and Underappreciated.

You may have never thought about the amount of work and responsibility that falls on the plate of a coach. Not only are they expected to turn out a winning season for multiple sports every single year, they’re also in charge of developing their players, managing their coaching staff, communicating with parents, securing new gear, scheduling games and the accompanying logistics, keeping up with facility updates, running the students' offseason progress and even fundraising! Yikes..that’s enough to give anyone heart burn… (and we didn’t even mention the list of duties for coaches that double as classroom teachers)


Beyond the countless responsibilities that keep coaches up at night, the role they play is invaluable to the high school experience for some students. Coaches are expected to serve as a role model as they bring in new freshman athletes and mold them into the well-adjusted adults they may one day be. A great deal of personal development takes place in high school sports. Whether it teaches athletes how to face defeat, work as a team or even how to set and attain their goals, coaches facilitate it all (and then do it all over again year after year).


As a company full of athletes, the entire Fan Cloth team would like to personally thank our coaches. We know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without their relentless dedication to their craft.


Take a minute to thank your coach today!


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Benjamin Johnston