Time to Kick Food Fundraising to the Curb

Face it, we’ve all been there. Speedily walking by to awkwardly avoid eye-contact with some young kid trying to sell people some overpriced chocolate that you don’t even want. All the while their parents sit at the table scrolling their phone and giving mean glances to people who don’t buy from their kid. Or you're sitting down to dinner out with some friends and some kid approaches you to see if you'd buy some of their banana bread to support their dance team. You say you don't have any cash, but really, you just don't care about what they're trying to sell you.

Sound familiar? Maybe you've even been that child selling food to strangers and facing countless rejections to support your team.

Let’s face it, food fundraising is beyond outdated. Not only does it put undue pressure on students to sell something people don’t want to complete strangers, it also frankly just doesn’t work.

Did you know?  

According to current USDA guidelines, students aren’t allowed to sell chocolate anywhere on a school campus.

You’ll see plenty of companies using the same model to sell the most random and undesirable things imaginable (think mattresses). When it comes down to how well a fundraiser is going to work, the products being sold are crucial. 

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Too Many Hats: The State of High School Coaches

Although coaches may wear a large amount of actual hats, we mean “hats” in a figurative sense. Today’s high school coach can often be described in 3 words: Underpaid, Overworked and Underappreciated.

You may have never thought about the amount of work and responsibility that falls on the plate of a coach. Not only are they expected to turn out a winning season for multiple sports every single year, they’re also in charge of developing their players, managing their coaching staff, communicating with parents, securing new gear, scheduling games and the accompanying logistics, keeping up with facility updates, running the students' offseason progress and even fundraising! Yikes..that’s enough to give anyone heart burn… (and we didn’t even mention the list of duties for coaches that double as classroom teachers)


Beyond the countless responsibilities that keep coaches up at night, the role they play is invaluable to the high school experience for some students. Coaches are expected to serve as a role model as they bring in new freshman athletes and mold them into the well-adjusted adults they may one day be. A great deal of personal development takes place in high school sports. Whether it teaches athletes how to face defeat, work as a team or even how to set and attain their goals, coaches facilitate it all (and then do it all over again year after year).


As a company full of athletes, the entire Fan Cloth team would like to personally thank our coaches. We know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without their relentless dedication to their craft.


Take a minute to thank your coach today!


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Insider Marketing Tips for Fundraising

So you’re running a fundraiser for your team and you’ve run out of doors to knock on, businesses to stand out front of and relatives to pester. Seems like a dead end right?


With a touch of insider marketing knowledge, you can take your fundraising efforts to the next level.

(Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a marketing professional to use this info)

We’ve seen teams run into this issue time and time again, as always our goal is to make your campaigns as successful as possible. So, we brought in a full marketing team to help us figure out how to get your campaigns to the next level.

Here’s what we came up with:

1.       Video: We can’t stress how important this is to a campaign. Research shows that fundraisers with an engaging video raise an average of 4 times more than those that don’t. Your video doesn’t need to be an expensive masterpiece by any means. We recommend taking a short video on your phone of you and the team and explain what the money from your fundraiser will go to.

         BONUS: If you add a few clips of athletes discussing how much the team or sport means to them, people will be much more likely to engage with your cause.

2.       Social Media: This seems like an obvious one, share the link anywhere and everywhere possible with your community on social media. Don’t forget about alumni pages, school pages and community boards! The more exposure people have to your cause, the more likely you are to reach your goals!

       BONUS: Share the link multiple times throughout the campaign giving updates on time and proximity to the goal. Adding a layer of a time crunch can be enough to inspire people to finally buy from your site!

3.       Email: Have a school newsletter? Be sure to use that as another avenue to promote your fundraising efforts.

4.       Web: The school website is another great place to leave the link of your microshop. Remember, the more places that people can reach your microshop, the more likely they are to buy from it.

5.       Video: We realize we put this earlier. But we needed to put it down twice to stress how important having a video can be.

6.       Go Live: Research shows that live streaming is one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. If you hop on a live stream throughout your campaign and update your donors and potential supporters, the average order value will likely increase. Our studies show that the reason live is so popular is that people appreciate authenticity and transparency more than ever on social media.

7.       Text Blast: Having each of your athletes text the link for your store to 20 different contacts as soon as your campaign launches is one of our sure fire ways to get significant exposure to your community. Just to give you a visualization, a team of 30 athletes will reach 600 people just from texting alone. If even 30% of those people buy 1 item, you’ll be well on your way to a killer fundraiser!

8.       Pick up the Phone: Yeah we know, it seems super old school. However, many people overlook the power of a good phone call. It may be awkward. We promise that many people will appreciate the personal sentiment of a call.

There you have it! 8 Tips from a team of marketing professionals that will help you maximize your fundraising efforts.

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