Love the pen tool? We got you!

We're looking for super motivated designers to create vector logos and shirt designs. You'll be helping create tailor-made fundraising catalogs in an inspiring and rewarding environment. 

What we're looking for...

• Proficient in Illustrator - Adobe-Wan Kenobi status
• Time management - no Alice in Wonderland rabbits
• Organized - like a Trapper Keeper (bonus points if you get the reference)
• Crazy strong attention to detail - eye spy World Champion
• Master at using the pen tool
• Pathfinder is your best friend
• Recognizes fonts like old relatives you haven't seen since they pinched your cheek as a toddler

• Able to work in a super-fast paced environment where things are always changing
• Responsible for understanding current processes and production rules
• Roll with the punches
• Work over time when needed
• Work in a laid back environment with meticulous deadlines
• Effective communication
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
• 3+ years of design experience (unless your resume really WOWS us)

Unlock an extra level! - do you have...
• Knowledge of screen printing
• Customer service experience
• Fashion, brand and product awareness