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Fan cloth online stores

Welcome to the safest, easiest way to raise funds for your team. Teams across the country rely on Fan Cloth every year for their apparel and funding needs. We offer unparalleled access to apparel, designs and online tools, that will help take your season to the next level.



The amount you can earn during your Fan Cloth campaign is directly related to the amount of items that your campaign is able to sell.

Take a look at the profit scale, as your campaign sells more items, your profit per piece increases!

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We select the best items for your programs, create your designs, build your online store, send you catalogs, produce your items and ship them your way. All at no cost to you!

Our proprietary online store system makes raising funds for your team easier than ever. No more reconciling countless paper order forms or collecting cash from every single person on your team.

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As you know, getting any group to participate and stay engaged in a fundraiser throughout its duration can be quite the undertaking. That’s why we’ve introduced incentives for both you and your team. Based on the amount of items an individual sells, different items can be earned. You can see which incentives you and your team can earn below.

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